An Amazing “New” Discovery


I had been dreading my final sequence for November almost more than I dreaded having to live in a hotel for 2 1/2 months during training!  

It started with one leg to Leon, Mexico . . . No one I talked to had ever been there and I had to look it up on a map to even know where I would actually be flying to.  For those that still have never heard of Leon, it is 340 miles east of Puerto Vallarta; 245 miles northwest of Mexico City; and most importantly 1,060 miles south and slightly west of Valley View (in other words . . . where my heart lies).  Again, I must repeat . . . I was NOT looking forward to this stay.  17 1/2 hour layover (my longest so far) and what in the world would I do with myself.  The second day of our journey would be 4 LONG legs flying to DFW, then to San Antonio, turn around and come back to DFW, and finally to Des Moines, Iowa.  Here lies the final problem of the sequence.  We had a 23.25 hour layover and what could I possibly do for that long in Des Moines, IA!  Alas . . . as I said . . . THIS WAS MY BEST SEQUENCE TO DATE!!!!!


The picture at the top is the lovely village, Guanajuato, Mexico.  It was a 40 minute drive from Leon but well worth the trip.  This unique and quaint city is the capital of the state and is located in a narrow valley.  The streets are narrow and winding and makes travel by car interesting to say the least.  Many of the city’s streets are partially or fully underground because originally they were mining tunnels.  The area’s original growth was the result of the discovery of minerals in the mountains surrounding it.  At one point, 2/3 of the world’s silver production was mined in the nearby mountains.  But enough history.

The city has a unique European feel and the people were delightful.  Many did speak enough English that even this uncultured, non-foreign language speaker felt ok. (Something I did not experience in Mexico City.)  I have already listed this wonderful destination as a spot to return to and bring any family that feels ready for an adventure “back in time”. To further enhance my journey, I was accompanied by my fellow classmate, Will, and the Captain and First Officer for our flight (the Captain was actually a father of one of my former Hawk students).  Having plenty of company for the journey helped my sense of adventurism into the unknown. 






(One of the many underground roads in Guanajuanto.)

The final leg, as mentioned above, included the long layover in Des Moines.  Will and I were exhausted on Saturday after flying 4 legs so we opted for individual room service and early bedtimes with the promise of a leisurely stroll through the city and brunch at some local establishment.  We found the most charming diner where a great Sunday Brunch event was taking place.  The energy and decor brought back memories of Sunday Brunch in Austin with Heath and Kelsey.  Will (an Austinite himself) agreed totally that Americana was amazing!  The buffet encompassed three rooms and unlimited trips.  The atmosphere provided by the decor, music, and energy of the patrons created the perfect spot to end a great sequence.  









(Our hotel was over 100 years old.)

More adventures await and I just hope they will be just as inspiring.  



My Apologies

I have been remiss in the blogging of my journeys.

I spent the first week of November in training on the newest equipment added to the American Airlines fleet – The Airbus 319/321. This was a four day class that bored the heck out of me. Having just graduated from training only a month prior, I knew most of the information that was presented. Although it is a new aircraft, general procedures for safety and serving were all the same. Then upon completing the class, I traveled out to Phoenix to visit Holly for a brief 24 hour period…..just because I could!! After that, I flew two rather uninspiring trips that left a great deal to the imagination and gave me nothing really to blog about. In fact there are only two things that were note-worthy – I was able to fly with my friend, Francois, and I was able to visit David, Lisa, Briana, and Jon at their home in South Carolina. We had a lovely pre-Thanksgiving dinner.

I was able to be home this year for Thanksgiving, a welcomed and blessed surprise as I assumed I would be working every holiday for the next up-teen years!! Megan and Jarrod spent two days prior to Thanksgiving with us and then Adam and I celebrated with a lovely dinner at Sharon and Glenn Housholders’ home. ( Thanks Stacy for the invite.)

I returned yesterday from the BEST trip sequence since I began flying. I will blog on it separately. Stay tuned!!

The first trips on my journey

Most of you have seen these pictures, but I wanted to have a complete accounting of my travels.  Please forgive the redundancy of the posts and pictures.  After this, I will try to keep it fresh and fun!

Trip 1:  Turn around to Richmond, VA – Oct. 9th  No pictures . . . stayed on the plane and it was raining like crazy!

Trip 2:  Three day trip . . . Reno, Omaha, San Jose Del Cabo.  Again, no pictures.  This was my first attempt to schedule trips and planned for later in the day departures so I didn’t have to fight Dallas traffic.  Down-side to this was late arrivals everywhere we went and couldn’t get out.  Note to self:  Get up earlier, take earlier flights, see more sights!  Live and learn.

Trip 3:  Turn around to Washington, DC . . . again . . . no time off the plane . . . no pictures.  I promise they are coming!

Trip 4:  Three day trip . . . Hartford, CT; Mexico City (back and forth 3 times to DFW)  Now we see pictures!

IMG_3001 IMG_3008IMG_3015IMG_3017Hartford, CT


IMG_3025IMG_3031Mexico City, Mexico

Trip 5: Turn around to LAX – no pictures  . . . late flight and never off plane

Trip 6:  Columbus, OH (not off plane); then to Tulsa (see pictures below); and then Vegas

IMG_3064IMG_3065 Downtown Tulsa, OK

IMG_3075IMG_3068Las Vegas, NV

and then to Albuquerque, MN . . . where yet again, never off the plane.

Question to you all . . . does it count that you’ve been someplace when you don’t get to deplane?  From now on, I’ll try to do a much better job of telling you exciting things that I’ve seen and the wonderful people that I’ve met.  Thanks to all of you who have already replied.  I look forward to hearing back from you!

Love, Joy


To Answer the Question . . . . Why?

I’ve been asked these questions many times since taking the plunge into the beautiful blue skies . . . Why?  Why retire from teaching only to go back to work immediately?  Why become a flight attendant?  The truly amazing answer is . . . Why not?  I knew I wasn’t finished working.  I knew I would find something.  Why not become a flight attendant?  I enjoy traveling, albeit, I don’t see much from the Aft Entrance/Tailcone Exit Jumpseat of a Super 80 . . . but, Oh the sights I see and will see when I get off the plane.  Not to mention the added perk of getting to see my baby girl at least once a month (more if I’m lucky with layovers!).

The path to becoming a flight attendant was quick (too quick at times).  I didn’t even get the entire summer off to savor retirement.  In fact, I went to “school at the charm farm” before my teacher friends even went back to school!  So much for having time to get the boxes completely unpacked at my new home.

Training was 8 1/2 weeks of grueling, early mornings, late evenings, long weekends, and STUDYING!!!!  I never realized how complicated the job of flight attendant could be.  Yes, Roger, there’s more to this than pouring drinks and smiling; although both are important!  However, I made some very special friends and some even more important discoveries about myself during this time away.  Living in a hotel with a new friend (stranger at first) was enlightening.  I had not previously gone away to college and lived in a dorm so this was my first experience with that lifestyle.  My roommate was an exceptionally sweet, 23 year old who I came to adore.  Shannon moved to LA and hopefully, our paths will cross again soon.

My other special friends include, Dottie, Walter, and Francois.  We were named the fabulous four!  Great title for some of the “veteran students”.  All of us were awarded base at DFW, but Francois will be leaving us for IMA (Miami International) in December.

The Fabulous Four

The Fabulous Four

And so you have it, the answer to Why . . .  This blog will be an account of travels and experiences that I have along the way.  Please join me for this journey . . . I’m sure it will be amazing as God has already done amazing things for me with this new experience!

Welcome Aboard – Joy